Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Outrageous Kincardine Small Town PARTY!!!

The weekend was well planned out by Sam: '19 again' weekend (the weekend of August 5-7), where a bunch of girls stayed in Kincardine and pretended that we were young again (because clearly 25 is just old). And 19 again we were!! I drove down on the Friday night after work with the lovely Stef, who I am so glad kept me company one of the ways because it was lonely on the way back home. We got into Kincardine about 10pm and had a couple drinks, all fancily made by Sam! Stayed up til 2am talking/gossiping/having life values conversations (my fav!!).
 19 Again! These are pics from when we were 19 (or as close to 19 as we could find a pic!). 

 Saturday we headed to the beach after some breakfast. There's several gigantic chairs along the beach, which were a perfect spot for a group shot.
 The kincardine water was beautiful! We spent a lot of time in the water, more than I usually do at the beach because it was so nice, and only cold when it first touches your skin. We even played a long game of frisbee in the water (I suck some serious butt at frisbee).

 Demonstrating just how clear and clean the water is! You could see all the way down to your toes! We took hand shots and feet shots.

After beachin it up for the early afternoon, we headed out for some lunch and ice cream. They even had my favorite, Happy Birthday (as discovered in Rondeau). I had a very attractive burn following our day on the beach, and am seriously considering increasing the SPF on my 15 suncreen.

After getting home from the beach, the girls all got ready, had some more drinks then headed to the Bruce tavern, the local bar. This is out back, dancing in the parking lot before going to the Bruce. Some good oldies on (NSync!!). Then we went to the Brice and realized that there was absolutely no one there! And we kinda stood out... so we were informed everyone was at the stag and doe at the community center. So we left and headed to the stag & doe!

 The bride and groom didn't mind at all that us 7 girls crashed their stag & doe!! BFFs as you can see form the group photo!

 This picture does a little justice to the nastiness of the floor because drinks were being spilled all over the place. We had some close encounters with falling on our faces (hence the "surfing" picture). The bride actually took a fall and ended up leaving in an ambulance :( 

 Had one Jager and one Goldshlager (no idea how to spell that!) shot on the ski shot! Pros!

We met some people at the stag & doe who invited us to a kegger after party. So Sam, Veronica and I went to party some more! The after party was at some guys house in Kincardine (in which the house hasnt been updated since 1970, it even had carpet on the wall) and he put the Keg in a deep freezer, which he brought outside (genious!). There were tons of people there! Small town people def know how to drink & party. We saw this Windmill in the backyard and decided that it was a great photo spot (random?). We headed home afterward at 3:30am. I'm quite proud of how late I was able to stay up all weekend considering I was up for work all week early! I guess its because I wasn't bored!

Who knew Kincardine would be such a party!?

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  1. What an amazing weekend!!! I will remember it forever!! cannot believe how epic that Saturday night was!! 19 forever!!! LOL